Links for information about Autism

This information is provided for informational purposes and is not an endorsement or recommendation for treatment, diagnosis or services. Some topics are controversial, and individuals, families and professionals have differing opinion about these issues and programs. These links are offered as a convenience to the user to assist in the search for information. Individuals with an autism spectrum disorder are unique, and all options must be explored by the family, professionals and that individual. Please forward any suggested links and report any broken or inappropriate links to the webmaster at

Favorite Links
Autism Society
Autism Society - Greater Philidelphia
Autism Speaks
Autism Research Institute
Autism New Jersey
Asperger Syndrome Educational Network
The Arc of New Jersey
Camden County College Library - Autism Resources
State of New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities
Parents of Autistic Children
Special Education Resources on the Internet

EMS Booklet
Autism Risk and Safety Management

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